All our 6,8 and 10ft beams go out with pre drilled holes.The round soft wood feet are also pre drilled just pop the foot flat side to beam line up holes and use the screws supplied to fix, the screw heads will lie flat in the counter sunk holes.If you have any issues contact us using the form on the website.

Bar Assembly Instructions for beams and Inflation and care of Inflatable equipment 


Operation Instructions

Unroll your air product from the packaging

Valve operation.

to close the valve for inflation, make sure that the centre

valve pin is in the "UP" position. If it is the "DOWN position

press down on the valve for SIMPLY TUMBLE or press

down on the valve pin and turn until it pops up on others.

Care and Storage

Before storage clean and let it dry completely DO NOT FOLD TO STORE ALWAYS ROLL

Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Moist dirt can be

removed with a mild soap and fresh water.

It is recommended to store products in fabric bags

Do not store in extreme conditions (above 60`C or -5`C

Store in a clean and dry place NOT outside.

Do not store in direct sun light.

Do not pump to high pressure if used in sun light, slightly

Under inflate and allow the heat of the sun to increase

The internal pressure.


are designed to be rolled for storage. AIR ROLLS are best

stored with minimal folds.

Deflation steps

1 Clear any debris out of the way of the valve and remove the

valve cap.

2 Slowly press down on the valve pin to start letting air out.

once the air flow has slowed down, press the valve pin all the

way down for the SIMPLY TUMBLE or press the valve pin down

all the way and turn to lock it into the "Down" position on others

3 screw the valve cover cap in place when deflated.